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Motorcycles Can Legally Run Red Lights in Nevada


A new law in Nevada will allow motorcyclists the legal authority to run red lights.

While the law may seem unbelievable to those who don’t ride, it is being met with high praise from motorcyclists throughout the state. The reason? Generally speaking, motorcycles are unable to the traffic light sensors embedded in the asphalt. And if no cars come to trip the sensor, many motorcyclists can be forced to wait up to 5 minutes for the sensor to trip. Faced with such a long wait time, many choose not to wait.

With the passing of the new law, riders will be legally allowed to run a red light provided they have waited at least two light cycles and if they deem it safe to do so.

Nevada Police, while not entirely against the law, admit that it will be hard to enforce. Unless an officer is present and counts two red-light cycles, it is almost impossible to prove a motorcyclist was either in the right or wrong in the case of an accident.

As of this writing, the only way for officers to issue a ticket is to physically observe the violation. As with most moving violations, riders who feel they have been wrongfully ticketed can take the case to court.

The law will go into effect starting October 1.

Via: MyNews3/WorldCarFans Photo: Nick Fisher (Flickr)
  • aergern

    Yeah, don’t believe it. Missouri passed the same thing. Then the judge asked me to prove the light was broken and wasn’t changing properly. He said I could get a jury trial to prove my case or pay a flat $50 fine for “running a red light”. So be careful because LEO and Judges don’t seem to think or know these laws. And yes, I printed out the law and took it to court for the ticket… the judge ignored it.

  • HoleshotHunter

    Red Light Violation Due to Sensor Not Registering My Motorcycle …‎ If you have a judge who does not obey the law, it’s time to end his term on the bench or the planet.