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You Can Now Purchase a DeltaWing Coupe


Okay, so maybe you can’t exactly buy a DeltaWing coupe for the street, per se. But for those interested in running a car in the inaugural season of USCR, Élan Motorsports will happily sell you a brand new DeltaWing for your racing pleasure.

The announcement of a customer car program for the yet unreleased DeltaWing Coupe marks the first serious effort by Élan Motorsports to make the DeltaWing into a serious contender on track. No price was given, but given the low volume and radical design, expect to be paying a pretty penny.

The DeltaWing coupe will debut at the Circuit of the Americas round of the ALMS season on September 19-21. Short post on this one, check out the ALMS article below for (slightly) more information.

Source: ALMS via AutoBlog